Martin Chandrawinata

California PE License (Civil) #C68930




MEP Consultant

On my role on the Bay Bridge as the consultant construction engineer, I worked on the MEP of portion of the project, of which I handled, coordinated, reviewed and responded to over a thousands of RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders and other related documents, including installation, inspection, and testing of the following items:


Aviation & Navigation System, Cable, Tower, and Deck Safety Roadway and Architectural lightings, Fiber Optic Cables, Pull Box Panels, Seismic / Strong Motion Sensors, Traffic Operating Systems (TOS), CCTV, Security Enhancement System, SCADA, Cable Tray and Conduit systems and their penetrations on the steel deck and tower, Dehumidifiers, Booster Pumps, Tower & Deck 3D modeling for Clash detection with MEP components. 


I also managed the design and installation of the $5M custom complex permanent rack & pinion elevator for the bridge per ASME A17.1 & Title 8 Codes, including obtaining the Variance and the elevator permit from OSHSB and DOSH. The process from the first shop drawings review, design changes and Variance, to permitting took about 7 years.



Construction Documentation

Other than being an engineer on the bridge, I was tasked with taking construction progress documentation since mid-2009 to early 2015, and produced progress report on a weekly basis. 


Realizing that good documentation in construction Key and benefits all stakeholders even years after the construction project is completed, both owner and Contractor alike should have an archive of construction and architectural photographs. 


My photographs have been featured in magazines, such as ENR and currently being exhibited at the MTC Office in Oakland, CA.



Steel Suspension Bridge Inspection: Fabrication & Installation

I spent about 1/3 of my time on the jobsite for electrical and elevator inspection and progress photos. Through my regular visits to the jobsite & providing tours, I had some knowledge and gained exposure to all aspects of the bridge:


Fabrication of Steel Tower & Bridge Deck: CNC cutting, CJP, PJP, Fillet Welding and VT, MT, UT, RT Testings. 


Installation of Bridge Deck, Tower and Cables: I witnessed how the decks were joined together with other sections and crossbeams, how each tower shafts were lifted and joined to other shafts, how the main & suspension cables were installed, compacted, wrapped and painted, and how the bridge deck load was transferred to the cables.


Bolt & Paint Inspection: Hundreds of thousands of bolts were installed on this bridge. I learned how high strength A325 and A490 bolts assembly with their washer and nuts were tested (Rocap), drilled & tapped or through the structure, tightened to full tension per RCSC standards, and paint repair of the structure per SSPC.



High Rise Buildings & Interior Design

While at St. Regis San Francisco, I worked very closely with the architect and interior designers, the General Contractor and a specialty contractor for the restaurant. My scope of work was to ensure the completion of the interior design of the luxury 5-star hotels and condos, michellin star restaurants, spas, natatorium, and a museum, on schedule and within budget. The luxury condo unit was sold at around $2,000/sf.



Automated People Mover

My first CM job out of College. My work experience was to build concrete guideway superstructure, passenger stations, including coordination with other projects (International Terminal and BART), and witnessed testing of the operating systems, including reliability and availability.




M.S in Engineering & Project Management, UC Berkeley, 2006.

Certificate in Management of Technology, Haas School of Business, 2006


B.S in Civil Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1998.

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