I marvel at engineering structures, but most of all, I like towering bridges because of their beauty. My dream as a College student was to build a magnificent bridge one day. Fast forward a decade later, I realized my dream when I joined Caltrans on the Bay Bridge Team. Prior to this, I have been very blessed to also have completed monumental projects in the San Francisco Bay Area: 



One of my unique skills is perhaps I compliment my engineering management skills with photography. I enjoy going to the field and documenting the construction projects! On my last assignment, I documented the construction of the bridge, collected over 50,000 photographs, and produced a progress report on a weekly basis. I realized these photos are very beneficial to our team, especially when reviewing claims.


As a side perks, my photographs capturing the SAS Bridge construction have been featured in Engineering News Record (ENR) MagazinesAASHTO's Face of Transportation, and currently being exhibited at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) office in Oakland.






Martin on the SAS Cable

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